Tray Sealers

Discover our range of Reiserpack Tray sealing machines for pre-made trays for small and medium producers.

Adaptable to all models of sealable trays on the market, including biodegradable, compostable, recyclable,...


Economy Line

     Three models available RP-RA150, RP-RA200, RP-RA300

     Robust and reliable models

     Small size for easy handling

     Easy to use

     Excellent value for money

     Capable of sealing trays from 136x92 mm up to ½ gastronorm depending on the model



Shop Line

     Three models available RPS200, RPS220, RPS380

     Compact electronic model with automatic film dragging and disposition system

     Fast, secure and high-quality sealing

     Optional gas flushing system, depending on the model

     Optional die cut system, depending on the model


MAP and Skin System

Kitchen Line

     Electro-pneumatic model

     MAP sealing that improves and lengthens food preservation

     It can be optionally equipped with an automatic film collector and macula (spot) reader.

     High quality vacuum pumps and the possibility of different capacities

     Optional Skin sealing system technology


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