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RPS380 F

With die-cut system

Semi automatic tray sealer machine for packing products in trays.

• Equipped with die-cut film to the size of the tray.

Electronic temperature control with acoustic end of cycle alarm.

• Better product conservation.

• Automatic sealing cycles between 2 and 3 seconds.

• Allows sealing products in a totally hygienic and waterproof manner.

• Automatic welding activation when the mould is inserted.

• Automatic dragging of the sealing film.

• Provides excellent presentation of articles.

• It prevents the contents from spilling and emitting or capturing odours.

• Can be supplied with any mould for any tray of the market.

• Mould not included



Ref. TSRPS380F
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Technical features

Model RPS380 F
Dimensions 465 x 485 x 610 mm
Net weight 43 kg
Voltage 220 / 230 V - 50 / 60 Hz
Power 1.500 W
Type of panel Digital with 9 programs


Mould options :

Not interchangeable with die cut:

•  Fixed moulds for standard or non-standard sizes with film die cut according to the perimeter of the tray.


Max. dimensions of tray 320 x 260 mm.
Max. depth of tray 150 mm.
Max. film width & diameter 380 x 230 mm. Ø