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Vacuum and Gas Packaging (MAP System) and Skin System (optional)

• Semiautomatic tray sealer machine with rotary table for packaging products in trays and/or cartons

• Offers an hygienically and fully sealed products packing system.

• Considerably extends the life of packaged products and gives them an optimal presentation.

• Electronic control with a 7- inch toucs screen that allows you to parameterize several functions

• It can be equipped with mould and counter mould with or without die cut.

• Equipped with an integrated system in the monitoring panel for each maneuver of the machine for an easy and fast technical service.

• Quick and easy change of the mould and counter-mould group (3 minutes).

• Automatic start of the cycle when positioning the mould box and light and acoustic signal at the end of the cycle.

• Feeding and collection of film by means of a precise automatic collector.

• Optionally, it can be equipped with a tray extractor that facilitates its collection.

• The machine is supplied as standard prepared for thermosealing or thermosealing with vacuum and gas (MAP).

• Optionally, the machine can be equipped with the SKIN system function on trays and/ or SKIN UP on laminated flat cartons up to a maximum of 35 mm product height.


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Technical features

Model RPS 430RT
Dimensions 930/1010* x 1128 x 1615 mm
Net weight 300 kg
Voltage 400 V - 50 Hz
Power 2.500 / 3.500 W
Pump 63 m3 (included)
Panel type 7" touch screen with 10 programms


O2 Pump  60 m3

Vacuum pumps 100 m3

• SKIN and SKIN UP optional

Tray extractor optional


Max. dimensions of tray 420 x 280 mm.
Max. depth of tray 100 mm.
Max. film width & diameter 340 x 230 mm. Ø