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• Press clipper designed to close pressed casings individually with all type of natural or artificial casings.

• Wide open view of clipping area and easy handling of the casing to the pneumatic clamp.

• Puller and clamp system is activated lowering the gatherer handle.

• Pulling power adjustable according the needs of the product.

• Lateral tray in option to facilitate the place of the product.

• Can be converted only in clipper by the selectors.

• Loop can be placed manually while clipping.



Ref. CNACP16
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Technical features

Model CP-ACP16
Dimensios 658 x 490 x 807 mm
Net weight 28 kg
Bars CP-DC16 5
Blade Manual + Automatic


Clip magazine 300 u.
Clip size 16 / 18 / 20