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• Manual tray sealer machine for packing products in trays.

• Sealing duration of 2 to 3 seconds.

• It improves the conservation of the products.

• It gives an optimal presentation to the article.

• Prevents the pour of the content and the emision or the catchment of smells.

• With this packing form it’s possible to seal all products hygienically and waterproof.

• Can be supplied with a multiform mould (192x136 and 136x92)


Ref. TMRA150
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Technical features

Model RP-RA150
Dimensions 270 x 580 x 510 mm
Net weight 10 kg
Voltage 220 / 230 V - 50 / 60 Hz
Power 600 KW
Panel type Analogical


• Other shapes and mould dimensions available under request.


Max. dimensions of tray 192 x 137 mm.
Max film width & diameter 150 x 170 mm Ø